Pine Creek Watershed Water Well Monitoring Update

Pine Creek Watershed Water Well Monitoring Update – In July 2016 we requested your help in finding folks willing to participate in a search for the sources of high chloride concentrations in the Pine Creek Watershed by allowing their well water to be analyzed.  Thanks to you who made their well water available. Duquesne University students, in association with the 3RiversQuest water monitoring organization, acquired both well water and nearby surface water samples.  Chemical analysis of the samples has been completed.  The students and 3RiversQuest are now beginning the task of interpreting the results and making recommendations.  We look forward to more reporting in Spring/Summer 2017.

Girtys Run Watershed Photo Contest

“Reflections” – Winner of the 2016 Girty’s Run Watershed Photo Contest, First Place in the Scenic Category.  Taken by Anna Spak, 11 years old